Major fire at the böhm Kabel AG in Laufen/Switzerland


Dear friends and customers!

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that a major fire in the Industrial and Technopark in Laufen/Switzerland has led to the complete destruction of our warehouse with cables and wires as well as our adjacent offices. We received the information about the fire last Friday at 5 o'clock in the morning, then at around 8 o'clock we received shocking confirmation from the fire brigade that nothing could be saved.

Despite this tragic situation, we and our team were strong enough to take over the reorganization immediately.  The management of the böhm Kabel AG (CH) and böhm Kabeltechnik GmbH (DE) immediately formed a "task force" to continue to be able to act on your behalf.

Our IT- department did a great job during the weekend and was able to back up all data and install it on the newly delivered computer hardware. Thus we are now immediately operational again due to the eventful last days and can start working from 9.00 am to process your orders.

We are still at your disposal by phone, mobile phone or email:
Please contact the persons marked with "X"- as the main contact person in sales!

Mr. Lorin Schmutz supports the management for the organisation of the reconstruction, procurement, etc.

The goods will be delivered via the central warehouse in Germany. This means for you a delivery time for stock goods +1 day, i.e. 2 days after receipt of your order the goods will arrive at your place.

We hope to be able to count on our customers support in this difficult time. THANK YOU for your future support of the böhm Kabel-team!

Quality & customer service at preferential prices, this will continue!

Best regards

Roger Schmutz                                      Carsten Böhm CEO                                                       CEO                        böhm Kabel AG                                       böhm Kabeltechnik GmbH