böhm Kabeltechnik GmbH

Administration office:
Hall-Str. 8, D-58638 Iserlohn

Billing address:
P.O. Box 1234, D-58582 Iserlohn

Logistics centers:
Kalthofer Feld 3, D-58640 Iserlohn
Zollhausstraße 6, D-58640 Iserohn

Phone +49 2371 8286-0

CEO: Georg Böhm, Carsten Böhm, Nadine Böhm-Kopitz
Commercial register: HRB 1219 Iserlohn
VAT ID: DE125581282
TAX ID: 328/5817/0082

böhm Kabel AG

Administration office:
Araweg 2, CH-4222 Zwingen

Billing address:
Araweg 2, CH-4222 Zwingen
Phone +41 61 76596-00
Fax     +41 61 76596-09 

CEO: Roger Schmutz
Commercial register: CH-280.002.273-2

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