Cables - Art - Cuisine

The 'Cables - Art - Cuisine' motto does not just characterise the design of our offices and other rooms, it also sets the agenda for our presence at trade fairs.

In keeping with this theme, we commission artists to create works of art that deal with the theme of cables and wiring.

You can see a selection of the works that have been created so far in our virtual gallery.

Apart from business and art, we always like to make sure that our customers and guests are well fed. This is why our trade fair team includes the chef and restaurant owner Carsten Menges who, over the years, has become familiar with customers. Using a special theme, he freshly prepares delicious meals for our trade fair visitors on the stand.

The current recipes suggested by our trade fair catering team can be found here.

1991 Niels Bonnemeier
1992 Markus Krüger
1993 Niels Bonnemeier
1994 Ute Becker
1995 Wilhelm Bismark
1996 Jull Dziamski
1997 Kirsten Fuchs
1998 Ute Becker
1999 Jull Dziamski
2000 Jürgen Trost
2001 Dorata Zajac
2003 Jull Dziamski
2005 Enrico
2007 Niels Bonnemeier
2010 Jull Dziamski
2012 Jull Dziamski
2014 Jull Dziamski