Assortment of steel / iron wire ropes

We have expanded our portfolio of iron / steel wire ropes for you. Always on stock, we are introducing a new ground wire, tested and approved according to DB standard:

The above-mentioned product was especially developed by the company Spitzke SE. The product is distributed exclusively in cooperation with böhm Kabel GmbH.

Product: SPITZKE Lidra 95    DB Model Number: 1109290

Ebs-Design: 15.03.17-7


1. Traction current return, grounding, potential equalization and mesh structure

  • Connections to earthing sockets
  • Grounding of all conductive components
  • Rail connector, track connector and straight connector

2. Rail connector in DC circuits

  • Connector to track and railway switch insulation

The installation of the steel wire rope depends on its fitting length. It is suitable for short circuit currents up to 25kA.

The outer sheath consists of an halogen-free PE. The corrosion resistance will be realized through an eco-friendly special grease and not as usual with bitumen. During the production process each braid will be first hot-dip galvanized then soaked in grease and after that the manufacturing process starts. Based on the construction the product is easy to work with, non-twisting and tension-free.

Conventional cable lugs can be used.

Contact persons:

Mr. Markus Thiet
phone +49  2371 8286 - 215