Availability notification of leased drums

You can notify availability of leased drums directly with the drum owner (e.g. KTG) as well as with us using our return form.

Free collection of non-returnable drums

As your supplier for cables and wiring, we are able to offer you our support in disposing of empty non-returnable drums with a flange diameter of less than 1.40 m.We are happy to collect reusable and empty non-returnable drums in this size.This offer relates to collections within Germany for places with postcodes ranging from 40000 to 59999. For economic reasons, collections outside of these postcode districts can only be undertaken after assessing the number of drums to be collected.If, in your company, you are not responsible for cable drums, please pass this information on to the correct person.

Please contact us, should you have any questions.

Using our Drum availability notification form, you can report your empty and still usable non-returnable drums to us by e-mail (trommelverwaltung@remove-this.boehm-kabel.de) or fax (02371-82865615). After your report has been received we will collect your drums free of charge and as soon as possible.

Release of large empty drums on demand

If you have regular need for large non-returnable drums with a flange diameter of over 1.50 m, please contact our drum administration department (trommelverwaltung@remove-this.boehm-kabel.de). As a rule, we have the right sort of drums available for collection. You will have to arrange onward transport of the drums yourself.